Molix Fioretto SaltWater Rods

Molix Fioretto SaltWater Rods
Molix Fioretto SaltWater Rods Molix Fioretto SaltWater Rods Molix Fioretto SaltWater Rods Molix Fioretto SaltWater Rods Molix Fioretto SaltWater Rods
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“Fioretto” is no ordinary weapon
Designed for the fencing masters: light, responsive, accurate and versatile gets straight to the target, with no need for slashing. It is born to duel with dexterity and in full respect for the opponent; a “Fioretto” stays away from riots, shoving and vulgarity
Who holds it in his hands feels the vibrations flowing through his finger like feeble, soft and pleasant electric shocks, until … on guard! … Discernible whispers, just one foot away from the challenger.
Combatants who entrust the victory to their own skills; this is why we called “Fioretto” the brand new line of rods designed in Italy and made with Japanese technology.
A series of rods for the modern fisherman looking for the perfect balance between tradition and future.
Around the opponents is drenched space of silence, water …Abruptly a strong and sudden quivering converges through the handle. Prey, predator … dueling break the silence.
We could have showed them, but we rather have you dream because this very dream is born inside us and now fills our soul…

The Fioretto FSM-70M is a new concept single piece 7’ rod designed for medium sized critters like sea bass, bluefish, barracuda, dorado and bonitos. A lightweight, responsive, strong, long distance casting machine enriched with a winning design, the 70M is versatile and easy to use with a vast array of lures like jerkbait, top water, casting jigs and lipless, both from shore or boated. Fuji SIC K series guides, Fuji reel seat, high grade EVA handles and Fuji butt.
Lenght: 7′ (2,13m)
Lure: 3/8oz- 1 1/4oz (10,5g-35g)
Line: 8-16lb
Action: Fast

The Fioretto FSM-73ML is born as a 7’3” two piece offset handle shaft. This model combines a very responsive tip to handle the lures in a very natural way, more than enough power to subdue the strongest predators and a superior casting performance. This is a serious tool for the demanding fisherman who will be able to use it from shore with sea bass, bluefish and leerfish or offshore with dorado and smaller members of the tuna family. Perfect with casting jig, minnow, lipless and top water. Fuji SIC Anti-tangle K series, reel seat Fuji, high grade EVA handle and Fuji butt.
Lenght: 7’3″ (2,20m)
Lure: 1/2oz- 2oz (14g-60g)
Line: 15-30lb
Action: Fast

The Fioretto FSM-762M is a greatly versatile rod, a real challenger for coastal predators, especially sea bass even in rough surroundings. Highest quality Fuji components are the standard for this series of top performances rods cured in every detail. Is a 7’6” fast action two pieces rod with enough casting range to deal with much different kind of lures, from jerkbait to top water, in several environments. Fuji SIC K series, Fuji reel seat and high grade EVA handle.
Lenght: 7’6″ (2,29m)
Lure: 1/4oz- 1oz (14g-28g)
Line: 8-16lb
Action: Fast

Thanks to its action, length and power te Fioretto FSM-862ML is “THE” rod for sea bass hunting under the most extreme circumstances. 8’6” long allows fishing in heavy seas and strong surf always helping the fisherman to remain in touch with the lure. Its reduced weight and perfect balance together with the long casting performance deliver hours of pleasing use with no effort. The thin and responsive tip has the perfect feel to play the typical sea bass lures and helps keeping the hooks in place during the fight. Fuji SIC Anti-tangle K series guides, Fuji reel seat, high grade EVA handle.
Lenght: 8’6″ (2,58m)
Lure: 3/8oz- 1oz (10,5g-28g)
Line: 10-30lb
Action: Regular

The FSM-86T is the tuna gun of the series, a no-nonsense 8’6” two piece rod with offset handle and 10kg of maximum drag setting to subdue the strongest critters living in the sea. The tip has been designed to achieve the best action from stick baits, pencil, lipless, minnow and metal jig. Its outstanding casting performance plays a key role making possible to reach the furthest feeding frenzy without getting too close with the boat and spooking the wary tunas.
Lenght: 8’6″ (2,58m)
Lure: max 4,5oz 130g)
Line: max 80lb
Max Drag: 10kg

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